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Jasiri vs Kalume: Who would make a better father? – Pete

03 July 2023
We put the two men in Nuru’s tumultuous life to the test.
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Nuru showed signs of being pregnant In the most recent episode of Pete. Is her husband Jasiri the father, or could it be Kalume, who she recently spent some quality time with following a fight with her hubby? Here are some reasons why either of them would be a good father:





Kalume was empathetic to Nuru after she ran to his house following an altercation with Jasiri, and he didn't judge her for what she did. This is an important quality for a father to have because they will frequently need to listen empathically in order to understand.


Time: In some households, the father is never present. With Kalume, Nuru won't have to worry about that. As a stay-at-home dad, he will spend quality time with his children because he is always at home.


Active listening: A good father attentively listens to his children when they speak, which encourages them to open their hearts. Nuru confides in Kalume when she is troubled since he has always been an excellent listener.




Problem solver: Jasiri has dealt with various challenges since taking over as Funzi's leader. He recently stopped Mfalme Zurui from beheading Mose. Because families face numerous obstacles, this quality will help him cope with his child patiently and contribute to the tranquillity of the home.


Hard work: One of the most crucial tasks of a parent is to provide for his family. Jasiri has always made sure that not only his family, but also his workers have a lavish supper every day. 


Disciplinarian: On one occasion, Jasiri was forced to sack Karembo and Sudi, but later reinstated them after they apologised. As a strict leader, Jasiri would ensure that his children are disciplined in a caring manner.


Who do you think would be a great father should Nuru be pregnant?


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