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Pete: Taharuki Kisiwani


Family vs marriage: what would you choose? – Pete

16 August 2023
Nimimi was forced to pick a side.
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Malkia Nimimi was recently crowned as the queen of King’amboni after her father handed over the kinship to her.  

Nimimi had to relocate from Funzi where she lived with her husband Mbura to King’amboni. Initially, her husband was happy about the move and supported his wife. Mbura later changed his mind after Nimimi took up her full responsibilities. 

As a queen, Nimimi has servants and an advisor to help her with her daily duties. The servants are also expected to serve and care for her husband. When one of the head servants, Bi Asiya, served him breakfast one morning he refused, preferring his wife to serve him instead.  

Was Mbura’s demand reasonable?  We asked the fans this question and this is what they had to say: 

 Spice Ray

She should find a good man Mbura is so old school

Blessed Angel Carol

Family comes first,,, marriage bbadae

This is her dad we talking about here khaiii

Some supported Mbura's actions: 

Ephraim Okm

Si nimim aliringa acha ajioe mwenyew amfuate mmewe sasa wanawake maringooo mkipewa uongozi

Queen Anamaria

Nasema hv kwa dharau za Nimimi nampa nguvu binti maringo Karembo

Eunice Muteti

SiJawahi ona mzee Kiza akifurahi vile alifurahia kumwona mbura....hadi akampa kinywaji......ye twamjua kwa kumfokea kila mtu.....Nimimi naye akule ujeuri wake....ama aolewe na uongozi

Mbura, feeling unappreciated and unwanted, left for Funzi without informing his wife. When Nimimi found out, she abandoned her duties and her ailing father and followed her husband to solve their family issues. 

Will they resolve their issue? Follow Pete every Monday to Thursday at 8 pm only on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv 2 to find out.