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Pepeta ends on a sad note…

11 August 2023
The eight-part action-packed drama miniseries left viewers with more questions than answers.
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The first episode of Pepeta gave viewers a taste of how it would end, but they were not ready for what happened. Here are some of the season finale’s events that stunned viewers and had them demand a second season.  

1.     Dimore died 

Dimore and Junior stuck together in good and bad times throughout the series. He even took in Junior after his father kicked him out. Later, after they planned their last heist, things did not go as planned and Dimore ended up being shot by Kepher.  


2.     Zeze took his final breath when his son took his first 

When Zeze found out that his girlfriend Gracie was pregnant, he told her that he would take part in less dangerous criminal activities. However, after learning that Dimore and Junior were planning a heist without him, he intercepted them. The police pursued them, cornered them and Kepher shot Zeze at point blank range. Moments after this sad event, his girlfriend gave birth to his son who will grow up without his father.  

Watch the tense moment here: 

3.     Esther discovered the truth about Junior

Esther, Junior's girlfriend, had no idea that he   was living a double life: He was a fantastic footballer during the day and a dangerous criminal at night. Esther found out that he was a thug after Junior, Dimore and Zeze robbed the church while she was in attendance.  


4.     Nduta called it quits with Coach Biki 

Nduta was hopelessly in love with Coach Biki. As time went by, she felt that he always put the interests of the boys ahead of hers. Seeing no future with Biki, she gave him five days to move out of her house and move on.  


Here’s how the fans reacted to the show: 






Some fans requested for a second season and praised it as one of Kenya’s best productions.


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