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Our Perfect Wedding Kenya


Persistence pays off — OPW Kenya

15 May 2020
Rosemary took an interest in Francis when she first saw him but he had no clue.
rosemary and francis

Rosemary and Francis met while on campus at the University Of Nairobi.  The groom claims he first laid his eyes on Rose when they went to Mombasa for a Christian retreat, however at the time, he was dating. Rose, on the other hand, says she had been admiring Francis since campus when he lead  SALT, a Christian organization at the university. 

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Francis friend-zoned her since he was dating someone else and introduced Rosemary to his friend to go out with her. That did not last for long since Francis found out that Rose was in love with him. 

They started dating officially in 2016 and they have never broken up, the couple credits this to the fact that they love airing out issues before they escalate.

Here are some elements that made their wedding perfect:


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