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Our Perfect Wedding Kenya


Angela Mlay Obuya signs on for another season of OPW

04 December 2021
The show returns to Maisha Magic East on Saturday 11 December at 8pm
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Angela Mlay Obuya signs on for another season of OPW

The show returns to Maisha Magic East on Saturday 11 December at 8pm

We are thrilled to inform you that your favourite wedding show Our Perfect Wedding Kenya will return this December! The show will be hosted by none other than Angie Mlay Obuya.

The Maisha Magic East team recently caught up with the wonderful host.

Maisha Magic East (MME): What’s the most memorable OPW wedding (any other) you’ve attended? What moments stood out for you? Elaborate.

Angela Mlay Obuya (AMO): Each wedding I have attended is unique and different. However, one of my most memorable weddings was one between an Akorino couple. Their culture and norms of practice were unique and intriguing to me. What stood out for me was the singing at the church, which was very vibrant and energetic. I was fascinated that the shoes they had spent time shopping for, had to be removed before they (the couple) and the congregants could enter the church. Women were also not allowed into the church without a headscarf thus the couple facilitated some women to tie one on me before I could enter the church. This was a whole new and worthwhile experience.

Watch the wedding here:

(MME): What’s the worst meal that you have eaten at a wedding?

(AMO): Fortunately, I am yet to taste bad/unappetising food during the weddings I have covered. However, during my early days as the host, there was one wedding where the food was not properly handled, and I got food poisoning thereafter. This made me conscious of what to eat at weddings, especially when it comes to salads and fruits that are usually not cooked.


(MME): What are the top three outfits you have worn to a wedding?

(AMO): I have always had a bias towards sequin gowns and they are my go-to outfit for the wedding day. I’ve always believed that it is important to look good as a wedding guest, and sequin outfits are perfect for that simple yet glamorous look.

(MME):  Please share some tips/ best practice for event planning.

(AMO): I could give many tips, but I will only highlight four:

  • Every couple should have a checklist just as we do on the show. This helps them to organise and prioritise tasks that need to be fulfilled to make the day a success.
  • When selecting a wedding dress, it is important for a bride to go with a friend or family member that will be honest and unbiased towards her feelings. This will be helpful in picking a beautiful and practical dress that will not be a hindrance on the big day.
  • It is important for a bride to do a make-up trial before the big day just to be sure that the makeup she will wear suits her and will last for the whole day.
  • Pick a team of people who understand your vision so that on the day of the wedding, everything is moving smoothly, and you can enjoy your big day.

Catch Angie Mlay on Our Perfect Wedding Kenya on 11 December at 8pm only on DStv 158 and GOtv 4.