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Oh Sister! Meet Kenya’s most popular gospel stars

31 August 2023
Here is an inside scoop on each of them.
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In Kenya, gospel artists are among the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry. However, due to the nature of the industry, they have kept their identities hidden... until now. Oh Sister! takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of some Kenya’s most beloved gospel stars such as Linet Munyali, Bernice Nduko, Beatrice Wanjiku, Janet Otieno, Millicent Wambui and Pricilla Ndanu.  

Linet Munyali aka Size 8 | Married | Musician/Influencer 

Size 8 has come a long way since her secular music. Her faith and spirituality are something she is very proud of. Her family is everything to her, and she would do anything for them.  She works hard to mentor and inspire other women.  

Bernice Nduko aka Lady Bee | Singer/Songwriter 

Lady Bee began her career as a secular artist. She decided to change her life after her struggle with addiction affected her relationship with her daughter. She is now a present and loving mother and a devout Christian.  


Beatrice Wanjiku aka Betty Bayo | Musician | Divorced/Remarried 

She has worked extremely hard at her gospel music career and has been able to transform her humble beginnings into a successful life and career. She is adjusting to her new life with a blended family and doing everything she can to give her children the best life possible.  

Janet Otieno | Gospel Artist & Minister  

She is one of the most prominent gospel artists in Kenya and she continues to be relevant and influential in the industry. She is proud of her hard work and the good life she has created her family over the course of her 25- year marriage. She is the well of wisdom on life matters among the other women. 

Millicent Wambui aka Milly Wa Jesus | Influencer 

Milly is a prominent Kenyan influencer, a proud wife and a mother of two. Her family means everything to her and stands by their side no matter what. She is open and open with her fans and is determined to keep it that way. 


Priscilla Ndanu Maina | Entrepreneur   

She is a successful entrepreneur and a skilled make-up artist who is the go-to for the entire cast. She is ambitious and determined and has established herself as a beauty expert. She is kind and considerate and everyone’s confidant.


Oh Sister! airs on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv 2 every Saturday at 8 pm.