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Njoro Wa Uba

<p>njoro wa uba, uber driver, joe kinyua</p>


Njoro worked in the bank industry and was fired for fraud, then he decided to join the booming taxi business to make ends meet.

He had a child with a childhood friend who later re-located to Dubai, leaving the child (Stacy) under the care of her grandmother.

He has a difficult relationship with Stacy’s grandmother and constantly tries to disprove the lies she’s told Stacy. He believes he can do better as a father but can’t keep up with the money demands from Shosh. He constantly feels like a failure because he can no longer support the lifestyle they had when he still had a job, and this has strained his relationship with Stacy’s grandmother.

He has a love interest Cess, but it’s unrequited. This frustrates him, but he is hopeful things will change.