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Masaibu ya Njoro wa Uba – #BestOf22

10 December 2022
The show served us drama, hilarious moments, and so much more!
njoro wa uba, comedy, dramedy

Njoro Wa Uba is the only person we know who has enough material to write a book. The show follows him around the city as he drives people from all walks of life, detailing what he encounters on a daily basis. While some experiences are hilarious, others are not. This year, this award-winning show provided us with many interesting, funny, and dramatic moments that kept us entertained all year.

Here are some moments that stood out this year:

Njoro wa mathutha

Njoro was having an affair with one of his customers, but he had no idea she was married. One night, he was approached by three men he mistook for carjackers, but it turned out that one of them was Becky's husband. When he was taken to the hospital after being shot in the buttocks, everyone that came to see him, especially Jezebel, referred to him as 'yule mgongjwa kwa matako'.

Kusoma katiba

If there is one person that always takes advantage of Njoro wa Uba is his lawyer Odanga. After he helped him win his court case, Odanga has always felt that Njoro owes him, despite being paid for his services. He forced Njoro to pick him up from a motel one night after realising the woman he was with was a man, moments before they were about ‘kusoma katiba’. Njoro had the last laugh and even forgot about the fact that he called him out late at night.

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Wrong side

Njoro has found himself on the wrong side of the law numerous times on the road and avoids traffic cops at all costs. Unknown to him, one day he had a customer who was a well-known activist. During this trip, the pair came head-to-head with a government official who was driving on the wrong side of the road. Afraid that he might be arrested despite being on the right lane, Njoro wanted to go off the road, but the activist told him to stay put. He then got out of the car and began filming the entire incident. To Njoro’s surprise, the government official moved out of the way.

Sio jasho normal

As he drives his customers around the city, Njoro is often the proverbial fly on the wall. On this day, however, a group of ladies had hired him to transport them to various locations. They first stopped at the home of one of their friends, a new mother, to drop off some gifts for her baby. When they returned to the car, they gossiped about their friend and the child. When one of the ladies reached her destination, the ladies left in the car gossiped about her as well. After the last lady was dropped off the lady left in the car and gossiped about her friend to Njoro. She told him that her friend doesn’t have stable relationships because her sweat is not normal. 

Catch all these hilarious moments on Showmax and don’t forget to catch Njoro Wa Uba every Friday at 8 pm only on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv CH 4.