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Social Media reacts to Nganya premiere

05 June 2020
Here are your thoughts on the thrilling first episode!
Fundi and Girlfriend

On Tuesday 2 June at 7pm, the much anticipated premiere episode of the new drama series, Nganya aired on Maisha Magic Plus.

Audience took a journey with Gathee and Jamoe and ventured with the two as they went about their daily business of transporting passengers across the lengths and breadths of Nairobi in their colourful Nganya. Audience’s also got to experience the Mutatu industry of Kenya live, straight from their living rooms.

There were lunch pickups, flirting with the ladies and minor arguments with passengers, but no one could have expected the day to end the way it did; a daring night time armed robbery that left passengers traumatised.

Turns out Gathee had actually staged the armed robbery so he could pocket the week’s earnings and leave Jamoe out in the cold. Talk about drama!

To Live And Die Mtaani

Naturally, the social media community couldn’t stop talking about Gathee’s shady ways, as well as the breakout star; the well-mannered gunman who made sure to be polite to Gathee and Jamoe’s traumatised passengers whilst robbing them. Here are some of our favourite comments that we received from you:

Sheila A. Wakhungu: Nice one. Looking forward for more. But the thug telling guys goodnight and love you 

Gichura Rwara: Fantastic production. It’s so real

Cutebaby001: amenichekesha yule mwizi wa simu eti see u ...goodnight love u anawaambia watu aliowaibia vitu vyao

Alice Ngalla: A good premiere. Love it.

Njeeri Charles: Waiting to see more on Nganya!

Did you watch the premiere episode? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t miss Nganya every Tuesday at 7pm, on Maisha Magic Plus.