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Maisha Mkanda's Top 5 documentaries

28 October 2022
Imagine a serial killer allegedly drinking the blood of some of their victims.
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Maisha Mkanda is a character-driven documentary series that investigates various social issues in Kenya. Since the show debut, Maisha Magic East fans have been engaging with the various intriguing stories. The following are the top five stories that had fans talking:

The prophetess

Anne Akatsa, a controversial Kenyan prophetess made headlines in 1988 when it was widely reported that she had brought Jesus Christ to her church.

This is how some fans reacted to her story:

Cod Nathanieli

I remember waking up at 3 so we don't miss a sit at the front so atleast she can touch you,or spit at you,or you manage to touch her foot step,or by chance you manage to grab a maize,been seed as she would randomly scatter cereals from her farm to bless....she is a very cool mum

Tatiana Achieng Tabel

When growing up in those sides of Khwisero they used to call her Mummy. My spirit has never liked this woman's from childhood.

Catherine Musina

Everyone in that church carry her photo everywhere and the way people sit outside for a whole day .even if it's raining. Despite the recent explosion of charismatic male preachers, Akatsa still commands a following.

Recycled weaves

Would you wear another woman's weave? We posed that question to the fans and some outrightly said no while others said that if they didn’t know it was recycled, they would buy it. The episode followed the lives of two women living in the slums who dig through the trash to find weaves from salons. They clean them and resell them to fellow residents. Here’s what fans said about this topic:

Cynthia Mirenja

I have learnt to be appreciative for the blessings I have and to stop complaining.......Wueh!Life is not easy out there

Rose Jepps

I got the show halfway through I learnt to appreciate what God has blessed us with, will look for the show in youtube to watch it all

L'lavu Nancyrose

I always throw my weaves after one use

I wish I had a number i can pile and send them like a parcel

Knives for wives

In most countries, men are almost always seen as perpetrators of gender-based violence. This episode shed light on how men are also victims of violence, as well as the stigma and silence that surrounding the subject.

The fans' reactions to this sensitive subject were mixed.

Leah Ogol

Even if you have strength don't fight your husband, love him.

Lydiah Bonareri

Leah Ogol so, what if he wants to beat me?? Can't I defend myself?

Grace Benson's

Yeah it's true but men don't come out to confess their situations especially where they are being beaten or insulted by their wives ooh hmmm

I normally encourage my son to go to gym...He must be strong to defend himself from these daughters of Jezebel and sisters of Saphira...

Drink spiking
The episode revealed why the drink-spiking business commonly known as ‘mchele’ thrives despite the dangers it poses to unsuspecting victims. Three women and a man revealed the details of this crime and how they lure their victims.

Watch the highlights here:

The Bungoma butcher
Many viewers were left with more questions than answers after watching this story. Masten Milimo Wanjala was perhaps Kenya’s most notorious child killer. He rose to prominence after admitting to strangling over 10 young boys to death, and in some cases, drinking their blood. We sample some of the fans reactions:

Belline Campbell

That mob justice wasn't enough, I just felt like he deserved a slow and painful death.....wangeanza na kumfinya vidole Moja baada ya ingine then gouge his eyes 👀 one by one the squeeze his ginene 🤣and finally put his half body in acid.

Joyce Inanga

It was such a moving story!! 😭😭😭 But I don't know why I felt pain when he was being beaten by a mob 🤔🤔

And why his father says he's still alive????

Anyway the police might have decided to release him to the public to lessen their job

Sarah Ally

It's so sad...wish he could have said something before his death...we don't know if he was alone or he had other people behind all that...it was really sad...

Did you miss any of these stories? Catch them all on Showmax.

Maisha Mkanda airs on Maisha Magic East every Sunday at 7:30 pm on Dstv 158 and GOtv 4.