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Three memorable stories on Maisha Mkanda

01 March 2021
The character-driven documentary series airs every Sunday at 8 pm.
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If you missed Maisha Mkanda in the last few weeks, here is a recap of some of the stories that have been aired.


In this episode, we followed Caroline Obwamu,  a journalist who covers violence in the Western region of Kenya. She opened up her lens to us and showed us a world that is largely invisible – a world where women are abused and violated. Caroline captured the heart-wrenching story of  Zainab, a woman who together with her three daughters was violated by unknown people.

Listen to her full story here:  


Teenage pregnancy is a problem that Kenya has faced for a while now. Some of these pregnancies happen after traumatic episodes of abuse, while others are the result of relationships that neither boy nor girl is ready for. This episode focused on what has been termed “Kenya’s pregnancy capital”, Kilifi.  Catch the full story here:


It is a parent’s worst nightmare; coming home to find your child missing or disappeared without a trace. Yet hundreds of parents across Kenya are spending their every waking moment searching for their children. Are they lost? Were they kidnapped? Maisha Mkanda opened the door and entered the world of three women, and their unending search for their children.

Listen here:


Maisha Mkanda airs every Sunday at 8 pm only on Maisha Magic Plus CH 163.