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The stories that took our breath away – Maisha Mkanda

29 March 2021
From kin killers to a gripping journey that took us to the Middle East.
maisha mkanda

Have you ever wondered what happens to people who leave the country to pursue greener pastures in regions such as the Middle East?

In the episode titled ‘Abroad, Alone and Abused,’ Maisha Mkanda took us through the journey of Kenyan job seekers who were lured to the Middle East with the promise of finding lucrative jobs. Once there, the job seekers suffered mistreatment and abuse at the hands of their employers. While others chose to stay, others returned, preferring to be broke but free in their motherland. Watch their stories here:

The next episode painted an intimate portrait of Salim’s family. Their father Joe Salim Mwangi is one of the pioneers of ‘Mugithi,’ a popular Kenyan music genre. In the episode, we got to meet Mwangi’s children who have all followed in their fathers’ footsteps and have taken up music as a career. One of his daughters, Beatrice Muthoni Salim who goes by the stage name Saraphina Salim has carved out a career for herself in this genre of music that has been male-dominated for many years. Watch their story here:

Why would an ordinary person kill his own family? In the season finale of Maisha Mkanda titled ‘Kin Killers’, we followed the story of three family murders that shocked the nation. One of the stories featured Lawrence Warunge, a young man who butchered 5 of his family members. What was the motive behind such heinous acts? Catch the full story here:

If you missed any of this season’s Maisha Mkanda episodes, you can stream them all on Showmax or via the DStv App using any connected device.