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The girl who endured horrific abuse — Maisha Mkanda

28 January 2021
Abused and abandoned by her biological parents; this is Alika’s story.
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According to statistics, more than 2500 child abuse cases were reported in Kenya between 2017 and 2018 – and most of these were inflicted by a family member. One such example is Alika who was physically abused by her parents. She endured years of horrific abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to protect her, and the people who saved her paid a heavy price as a result. This is her story, as narrated to the Maisha Mkanda team recently.

How her abuse came to light

Alika was enrolled in the same school as Mr. and Mrs. Galotti’s daughter.  Their daughter would always tell them about a girl who was always getting hurt and would constantly show up with injuries. At first, the Gallotis thought she was getting hurt at school. Then they approached the headmistress Mrs. Bijal Shah and enquired about Alika when it became obvious that there was more to the story. At this point, the little girl would often not have food to eat during break time and had on several occasions taken extended breaks from school because of her injuries.

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Mrs. Shah decided to investigate further and called her parents in for a meeting. They denied ever abusing Alika. However, the headmistress wasn’t convinced and continued investigating and taking pictures of her scars. Efforts to reach out to the community to solve this matter of abuse proved fruitless. By this time, the Gallotis had decided to take the matter to court and took Alika under their roof.

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“If a scenario like this would ever come on my doorstep again, I would do everything in my power's again to help a child or that person out of the mess, but I would never get involved emotionally” – Mr. Galotti.

If you or someone you know is being abused, don’t keep silent. Rather seek immediate help from the relevant authorities.

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