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My partner, my abuser – Maisha Mkanda

16 February 2021
Why is it so difficult for women to leave an abusive relationship? Read on…
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This week on Maisha Mkanda, we examined the complicated and complex realities of intimate partner violence.


56-year-old Alice Wambui was married to an army officer for 32 years. Their problems started after her husband retired. “He was always angry,” Alice says and didn’t want her to sleep before he did. One day when she did, he walked into their room with a panga and cut her several times. She was saved by her daughter who was also injured in the process.

When she confided in her friends, they told her “Mtu akizeeka, hatoki kwa ndoa.”

Millicent Achieng met her partner at the hotel she was working at. They later moved in together. Her partner later became jealous when she spoke to her customers and he became so consumed with jealously that one day, he poured hot tea on her.

This begs the question; why do women stay in abusive relationships? Watch their reasons here:

Know anyone suffering abuse? Be sure to report any form of gender-based violence to the relevant authorities.

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