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Maisha Mkanda


Maisha Mkanda premieres on 3 January on MMPlus

23 December 2020
The 13-part documentary series will feature various topics that are common to us as Kenyans.
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Maisha Magic Plus is kicking off 2021 with a new season of the captivating, character-driven documentary series called Maisha Mkanda. Just like the first season, the series will cover a variety of fascinating topics of interest to the Kenyan public.

Life, as we know it, is a journey of discovery with its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be uplifting and sometimes horrifying. Life can be motivating too; giving people the will to move forward. Maisha Mkanda will look at various aspects of life through the eyes of the characters featured in the series. If you've always wanted to know more about why cyberbullying happens or the severity of intimate partner violence, Maisha Mkanda will shed light on that and more.

Season one included stories such as Widow cleansing, Slum to Sky Part 1 & 2, Stalker Part 1 &, Mkorogo, Road to Trauma, and Burden of Bareness.

Widow cleansing, Mkorogo and Road to Trauma were all nominated for the 2020 Kalasha Awards for the Best TV Documentary with the latter scooping the award.

Be sure to catch the award-winning documentary series Maisha Mkanda on 3 January 2021 only on Maisha Magic Plus DStv 163.