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This week on MMEast — 20 - 26 April

20 April 2020
Here's what we have lined up for you this week on Kenya's leading entertainment station, Maisha Magic East.
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Nyanya Rukia | Monday at 7:30 pm

We start your week with some comedy. Nyanya Rukia is a series that revolves around a loud, busy body and cantankerous grandmother who is always meddling in people’s affairs.

Here's a sneak peek of the most recent episode:

Pete: Taharuki Kisiwani | Monday to Wednesday at 8 pm

"PETE” is a Swahili word meaning a ring. The word is symbolically used to portray love, leadership, and co-existence. The love is between different lovers in the story especially Jasiri and Safira-a mermaid turn human, Mbura’s illegitimate leadership which he stole from Jasiri and the co-existence of humans and the ‘mythical’ creatures known as mermaids.

Selina | Monday to Wednesdays at 8:30 pm

Selina has finally married the love of her life. However, Nelson seems like a new man from his temperament to new skills he didn’t have before. Nelson is making mistakes. Selina discovers that Nelson’s signature has changed, shortly after she discovers the same documents with the correct signature which raises her suspicions.

She’s having frequent dreams where Nelson needs help. Will Selina have a happily ever story or is there more than meets the eye? Is Messina behind her woes or is Nelson showing his true colours. Tune into Magic East to discover a tale of power, deceit and betrayal.

Tehanani | Monday to Friday at 9 pm


A family vendetta between two stepbrothers brought about by a father who pits a son against a son, by bequeathing everything to one son, creates hatred, blackmail, betrayal and greed where only death can end this feud. Tehanani follows the story of one innocent woman who is caught in between all these schemes and intrigues and has to fight a battle whose enemy is faceless, nameless.

Anda Kava | Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Two incompetent ex-police officers decide to start a private investigation agency after being fired from police service. Their ultimate goal is to join the FBI

Monica | Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Monica is the story of a young town girl born into a poor family. After her studies, which her mother struggled hard to see her through, her attitude to life changes when she comes in contact with a different side to life. She notices that people treat different classes of people differently, people with money always got a better treat, she then makes a decision to do everything she can to get rich.

She gets obsessed with her new desired life too much that she completely forgets everything she learned from her parents and her upbringing. She begins to take advantage of everything and every situation that will lead her to her main goal, the only reason she will spend any time with you is when she knows that she will get something out of it. She lives her pretentious life so well that you can never think she is acting up.

Our Perfect Wedding | Thursday at 7:30 pm 

Our Perfect Wedding gives viewers a front-row seat to intimate lives of real couples as they plan their perfect weddings.

Njoro wa Uba | Friday at 7:30 pm

Follow Njoro on his journey both through life and across the city as he operates his cab and get a glimpse of his daily struggles as an educated taxi driver.

Hullabaloo Estate | Friday at 8 pm 

A comedy series that brings new meaning to the phrase 'Love Thy Neighbor Or Not’. The show depicts residents and conflicts between them in a humorous and authentic manner.

The Turn-Up | Saturday at 12 pm

The Turn Up is a live show composed of exciting interviews, awesome vibes and amazing music mixes that will brighten up your Saturday afternoon. The show is hosted by Amina Rabar award-winning and multitalented radio presenter and TV presenter and Dj Joe Mfalme an award-winning Dj, who has established as a DJ in the Kenyan industry who can entertain various audience and demographics.

Pambio | Sunday at 2 pm 

Pambio is a two hour Gospel music show with the best of gospel praise and worship music. It aims at encouraging togetherness for its viewers; Christians and non-Christians. The show is hosted by Dj Ruff, an award-winning gospel DJ, and Yvonne Makena, a multi-talented gospel singer, performing artiste and media personality.