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The joys and pains of sisterhood – Kyallo Kulture

22 February 2023
Betty, Mercy and Gloria share their story.
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The Kyallo sisters are modern and multifaceted African women with diverse interests. Betty, the oldest of the two is Kenya’s most prominent female personality and a thriving entrepreneur. Mercy is a young-spirited entrepreneur and marketing enthusiast, while Gloria, the youngest of the three, is a mental health activist, a psychologist, and an animal activist.

The three sisters star in the reality show, Kyallo Kulture which airs every Saturday at 8:30 pm on Maisha Magic East. The show gives us a glimpse into the joys and pains of their sisterhood and how their upbringing shaped the women they are today.

Here are some interesting facts about each one of them:


  • She is an award-winning media personality, news anchor and entrepreneur
  • She is bubbly, an extrovert and a hopeless romantic.
  • She is the CEO and founder of Flair by Betty, After Shave, and BK Closet, a clothing line
  • She owns several real estate properties
  • She has a seven-year-old daughter Ivanna with her ex-husband Dennis Okari

In Kyallo Kulture, Betty discusses her divorce, an accident that nearly cost her smile, her daughter's battle with illness, and her new lease on life and love.


  • She is the CEO and founder of Yallo, a luxury leather brand
  • She is fierce, ambitious and bold
  • Despite her soft-spoken demeanour, she is the no-nonsense sister

In Kyallo Kulture, Mercy talks about the ongoing sibling rivalry between her and Betty, her mysterious love life, the life-threatening IVF ordeal she went through, and how she started Yallo.


  • She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Gloria is smart and calm ­– and is considered the resident introvert, compared to her two sisters
  • She loves animals; especially her dogs and throws them parties
  • Gloria is always the voice of reason when her sisters disagree

In Kyallo Kulture Gloria talks about her love life, her relationship with her sisters, growing up without the love of a father and so much more.

Catch these sisters every Saturday at 8:30 pm on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv CH 4.