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A crime scene at the Tandalas – Kina

13 September 2022
Inspector Nyoka passes out.
cindy, kina

Cindy and Nana played a dangerous game last week, but it ended when Nana gained upper hand. Cindy vowed to help Lwanga recover Kina Waters after learning that Nana had stolen it from her. She broke into Nana's office and obtained the necessary evidence - a signed statement proving that Lwanga did, in fact, own a portion of Kina Waters.

She hired inspector Nyoka to help her nail Nana, but her Nana was already a few steps ahead of her. She had already bribed him into siding with him. Cindy was charmed all the way to the bedroom by the inspector, who later passed out on Cindy’s bed.


She then hurriedly hid his body, but it was all caught on camera. Nana confronted her and threatened to report her to her father, Fred. Nana then left for a business trip to Geneva and handed over control of her company to Professor Sharon Achieng. Cindy saw this as an ideal opportunity to get back at Nana. She deliberately led her father down the path of temptation. She arranged for Sharon and Fred to have a couples massage, which led him to succumb to temptation.


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