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More family feud and drama — Maza

22 March 2019
This is what has happened so far.
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In life you get in the biggest fight with the people you care the most because those are the relationships, you’re willing to fight for.  Leo and Maya’s marriage has become a battlefield, the family feud they are running away from seems to haunt them and causes even more pain in their relationship.

Badi has no time for their dramas and wants them to remain focus at work. His poor grades in college don’t hold him back, he has the business brains.  As Pili tries to prepare herself for the business world, Hannah is growing fast. Laban finds her teenager lifestyle out of control but his reaction towards the whole situation is too commando for Pili.

However, Pili has a lot on her plate to worry about and Laban has had enough with her lies. Zari too understands now that she cannot live a lie and must give Wakili, a break, a promise of a bright future with their son, Abel.

While divorcing Dingo seemed to be the best solution for Lea, Kate’s arrival gives her more hell. No one is at peace around Kate’s presence, Safari must stand up as a man to please Matatizo and finally marry her, but Kate is not about to go without a fight. 

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