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Meet the Couple: Carol & Fure

18 October 2017
Carol, from Kenya, and Fure, from Nigeria are our couple on this week's episode of OPWKenya. Read more about their story below.
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Carol had always known that she would like to get married to a Nigerian man, so when she first saw Fure and learnt that he is Nigerian she got interested but played hard to get. Fure was persistent and finally got her to agree to go on a date with him.

Fure then takes Caro to Diani with the idea that they are going to celebrate her birthday, but he surprises her with an engagement - she says yes and now according to the Nigerian culture they are planning a traditional wedding ceremony! 

Catch our third episode of #OPWKe this Thursday at 8pm on Maisha Magic East - DStv Channel 158 and GOtv Channel 4.