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Kanda King Host of the Rhumba Music Show

18 June 2015
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Every kid who was born in the 80's era relates to the term 'Rhumba'. This is the kind of music that our folks used to listen to, especially our fathers, who would slow dance and whistle along to their favorite tunes.

It is said that Rhumba music originated from the Congolese people, making its way to the rest of East Africa and later incorporating some Swahili language. Well whichever its origin, most of us can agree that it's the kind of timeless music that only gets better with age...like fine wine.

So here is the good news. Maisha Magic East is feeding your Rhumba addiction with an exciting show every Friday. The one hour segment features Rhumba classics, together with a lively host- none other than the king of Rhumba himself Kanda King.

We've all grown up listening to Kanda King and perhaps for most, steal his best moves. So wouldn't it be fun watching him take us through some of his favorite Rhumba tunes plus more?

Of course we don't want to tell you how the rest of the show is, because we want you to join us in the next episode.

So save the date every Friday at 10.00pm for a throwback session like no other, on DStv channel 158 or GOtv channel 4. Oh, and here's a snippet of what to expect: