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Furahia burudani freshi ndani ya MMEast

06 December 2021
Msimu huu wa sikukuu!
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What are your plans for this festive season? Connect with Maisha Magic East for the best local entertainment guaranteed to keep you entertained this festive season no matter where you are!

Here’s what we have lined up for you:

Wedding lovers will be happy to know that the reality shows Our Perfect Wedding will return on Saturday 11 December at 8 pm. If you missed the last episode, refresh your memory here:

Pete | Monday – Wednesday at 8 pm

Currently, the mermaid hunter has arrived on the island with the intention of destroying all the mermaids. He targets Safira and just when he is about to kill her, Jasiri comes to her rescue.

Watch the moment here:

Selina | Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm

So much drama has happened on Selina in the past weeks! Jakkie eloped and got hitched to her boyfriend Richard much to the disapproval of her family. Rosette divided the Mackenzie’s household with the aim of getting Nelson closer to her while Patricia went back to her drinking habits. What else will transpire this week? Be sure to follow the drama every weekday this festive season to find out

Njoro Wa Uba | Thursday at 8 pm

Mwajuma returned to Nairobi to move in with Njoro the morning after he slept at Cecilia’s place. What followed was a day of lies, cover-ups and guilt. Will he eventually tell her the truth? Be sure to follow the dramedy every Thursday at 8 pm.

Hullabaloo Estate | Friday at 8 pm

This comedy series brings new meaning to the phrase – Love Thy Neighbour. The show focuses on the residents of Hullabaloo Estates and the conflicts they have between them which will often leave you in stitches.

The Turn Up | Saturday at 12 pm

Turn up your weekend with the dynamic hosts Amina Rabar and DJ Joe Mflame every Saturday at 12Npm. The show is composed of exciting interviews, awesome vides and amazing music mixes. Read more about the reasons why this show is a MUST watch this festive season.

Pambio Live | Sunday at 2pm

Sundays are for worship and praise! Pambio Live interviews, the scripture of the day and the guest performances will lift your spirit up and inspire you this festive season.

Watch the most recent episode here:

Date My Family | Sunday at 8 pm

Can you really trust your family to help you find love since they know you so well? Date My Family helps singletons find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner’s family. Here’s how one date went:

With such an exciting line-up of homebrewed entertainment this festive season, you have even more reasons to sit back, relax and enjoy our shows.

Happy holidays from us!