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Can a marriage wrapped in lies survive?

10 July 2020
That’s a question Patricia’s Mackenzie’s mother asked after she confided in her that she used her influence to create business opportunities for her husband Dr. Leshan.  
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Is it wise to tell your partner EVERYTHING you do especially if it is for the betterment of the family?

Patricia Mackenzie is facing such a dilemma.

Dr. Leshan, (her husband) business is suffering and he is anxious. This leads him to put in extra hours at work. In so doing he faces another threat – Kattie his new Personal Assistant who’s taken a liking to him. Patricia has noticed and has since decided to do something about it. She reasons that if she can help her husband’s business thrive financially, it means that he will spend less time in the office (and with Kattie) and more time with her.

Patricia decides to look at Dr. Leshan’s books and discovers the company is not doing well financially. She knows that if she gives him a money boost directly, he would decline. So, using her prominence, she manages to convince some businesses to invest in Dr. Leshan’s practice and keeps this a secret.

However, her inner voice keeps taunting her to come clean with everything, especially her insecurities. Should she tell her husband everything?


We posed this question to our viewers and this is the advice they gave Patricia:

  • swarau: Don't cling on so much it will not change what he feels about you
  • beatricejannay: Kitty ain't a threat,,after all she's the one married to leshan??
  • andalama_optometrist: Aache maji yafuate mkondo, don't force things.
  • tigerjassy: To tell Leshan of her insecurities aache kutubore. Tell him she doesn't like when he invited Kate kwa dinner or supper meant be for two. Face Leshan and Kate and inquire about their relationship
  • urembo.ke: If I were Patricia I would tell my inner voice to stop appearing randomly
  • fay_frank: Atulie aache pressure kwanza ile Siku alianguka akichungulia kwa dirisha alinibo.
  • conniekitonga: U made a big mistake at first kupenda kijana.


  • chariz953: Aachane na wao na ashungulike na mambo yake
  • irene_naisiae: She don't push it hard, if its meant to be, it'll happen....and to open up to Mr leshan about her worries??
  • daisy_drakie: Achane na leshan anaonekana anajilazimisha kumpenda ??


Will Patricia eventually tell her husband about her fears? How will he respond?

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