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Alex and Liz this week on #OPWKe

08 November 2017
As you prepare to watch OPWKe this week and enter our competition, find out a little bit more about Alex and Liz...
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The two love birds were neighbours when they met. After a while they realized they attend the same church.

Alex was attracted to Liz from the beginning but she was not. When he made known his intentions Liz made it very clear that she didn't feel the same way and she had been through other relationships that did not work - she was now looking for someone very serious. Alex didn't give up and after two years of pursuing the friendship she agreed to try it.

The relationship progressed until he proposed and they began organizing the traditional marriage rites. At this point Alex lost his job, which was a blow to the young couple that was trying to follow up the traditional process with the wedding. Liz continued to support them until the wedding day. 

Catch this wedding on Thursday at 8pm on Maisha Magic East - remember to enter our 'Win a Wedding' and 'Win a Romantic Holiday' competitions right after the end of the show.