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Tiffa: The evil stepsister – Kovu

08 April 2022
This sister has set her revenge plan in motion, but how will it end?
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Ever since Tiffa came back to Alisa’s life, she has never been at peace. Tiffa first appeared to care about her long-lost stepsister, but her intention was to get close to her, earn her trust and then

claim what she felt was rightfully hers – Alisa’s lavish life and her husband Jaffer.


How it started

Why did their relationship degenerate to this point? It all started when the two sisters fell pregnant at the same time.

Tiffa was in love with Jaffer – Alisa’s current husband but Haze, Jaffer’s father, didn’t approve of their relationship. He arranged for Alisa to get married to his son instead. By that time, Alisa had fallen pregnant by Carlos, Haze’s arch-enemy while Tiffa was pregnant by Jaffer. The two sisters went their separate ways, and Alisa ended up marrying Jaffer. They both gave birth at the same time and at the same hospital. Tiffa paid a midwife to switch the children (both girls) and Tiffa ended up with Alisa’s daughter and Alisa with Tiffa’s.

Alisa raised Rina as her own, but the older she grew the more she hated her. Jaffer on the other hand grew very fond of his daughter. Tiffa took Alisa’s daughter Tiara to the village to be raised by her mother Bi Alya.

Tiffa set her revenge mission in motion by trying to kidnap Rina and her husband after their wedding day. However, things did not go as planned and sadly Rina her own daughter and her husband died in the accident.

How will she use Tiara to finish her plan of revenging against her sister? Will Tiara ever find out who her real mother is?

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