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Kovu Roundup: Linnet is kidnapped!

30 November 2020
Carlos wants her to be on his side. Will she agree?
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This week Carlos went into hiding for two reasons; first, he was afraid of what his sister Linnet was capable of doing to him – and secondly, he wanted to hide Lona away from everyone.


Linnet had been instructed by Haze to speed up the mission on Carlos as instructed by Lasco. She then stormed into Carlos’ house and found him and Lona gone. She decided to hire spies to look for him, but the search bore no fruit. Carlos then decided to use Matano to lure her into a trap and kidnapped her.


Alisa on the other hand is having a rough time after Carlos hinted to her that Jaffer could be alive. The reality of that fact tormented her day and night this week, to the point where she had nightmares. To put her fears to rest, she decided to dig up the grave where he was buried and found it empty. Shocked and confused,  Alisa reached out to her worst enemy Carlos, who ironically promised to help her.


Roy and Rina teamed up to lead the search for their father. Even though Roy knows Jaffer is alive, he wants to torment his mother to confess that she killed her husband.  Alisa however, was always a step ahead. She instructed the family lawyer Ngatia to ensure Roy doesn’t meet the County Commissioner and also told him to erase any video footage that may implicate her. 


Meanwhile, Ruby went on a revenge mission. She decided to hurt Rina by snatching her boyfriend Shady away from her, then lured Shady to a hotel using Rina’s phone and openly told him that she wants him to herself.


At Carlos’ old mansion, Kai was in panic mode. With the recent beating fresh on his mind, he could not stand the thought of what his boss would do once he told him that Lona is missing. Little -did he know though that she is safely hidden in a secret location, far away from everybody else.


What will happen to Alisa now that she knows Jaffer is alive? What will Rina do to Ruby after she betrayed her? Be sure to follow the drama on Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on Maisha Magic Plus CH 163.