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Kovu Roundup: Jaffer is alive!

23 October 2020
What will Alisa do when she finds out?

This week, Alisa revealed to her lawyer that she killed her husband Jaffer. What she doesn’t know is that he is alive and very much aware of what has been going on at the mansion in his absence.

Every time Alisa’s children, Ruby, Roy and Rina have asked about their father’s whereabouts, she has been very defensive and cagey about it. Linnet has also been on her back and as a result, Alisa first had her arrested and then thrown out of the house just to get her off Jaffar’s trail.

Linnet was left with no choice but to end up at her brother Carlos’ residence, the same Carlos she doesn’t get along with.  Their sister Lona is hidden in one of the bedrooms, away from everybody except her nurse Sabina and the houseboy Kai. Lona’s condition is unknown but recently she had been bubbly and seemed ok, but one never knows when she could experience a sudden outburst. Carlos has also changed her medication leaving Sabina wondering what could have transpired between Lona and her brother to warrant this move.

Rina on the other has moved away from all the drama at the Haze residence and went to stay with Bi Zena. However, after she found out that Bi Zena is her real grandmother, she moved in with Shady. Whilst there, she decided to keep her mind busy by organising a project to assist the women and children in and around her community. When Ruby got wind of this, she decided to use the opportunity to steal her sister’s shine.


Back at the Haze mansion, Roy tried to make amends with his mother and apologised for throwing her out of the house. Instead, Alisa threw some angry words at him and demanded that she be left - alone. Roy, a druggie, decided to step behind the wheel while he was intoxicated and ended up having a horrible accident that left a child dead. The villagers, baying for his blood chased him down the street and when they finally caught up with him, mob justice became the order of the day.

By some miracle, Roy woke up on a beautiful beach property – and who did he find there? His father Jaffer! Their reunion was -amicable, but as expected, Roy had a lot of questions that needed answering.

Will his father tell him the truth? What will Alisa do when she finds out that he is alive? Follow the drama on Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm exclusively on Maisha Magic Plus channel 163 to find out.