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Kovu ends with a lot of unanswered questions 

25 April 2024
Since its premiere, the suspenseful show has been serving up drama.  
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Kovu began when Jaffer, the family head, moved his family back to Kenya after spending 29 years in Tanzania. The family was unhappy about the relocation, especially his wife Alisa, who had been hiding a dark secret for a long time. She had been raped by her sister’s brother, fell pregnant before she got married to her husband and bore the child and never told him. 

She later gave birth to a daughter who she rejected and hated. She kept this secret hidden until the day Rina had an accident on her wedding day. When she went to hospital, she needed blood and Jaffer’s blood did not match hers. Thats when her husband found out that she was not her real daughter. Rina later succumbed to her injuries and died.

She kept this secret until Rina had an accident on her wedding day. When she got to the hospital, she required blood, but Jaffer’s blood did not match hers. That is when all the secrets started unravelling.  

As the story progressed, we discovered that Alisa had an evil sister Tiffa, who exchanged her biological daughter Rina with Tiara, Alisa’s daughter at birth and raised her as her own. In the show's season finale, Alisa discovered that Tiara, along with Ruby, are her biological daughters. 

 However, the following questions were left unanswered: 

  • Alisa fell after discovering who her real daughter was; did she recover and eventually meet her? 
  • Her husband, Jaffer, was in jail after being charged with the killing of his former lover. Is he going to be there forever, or did his father save him? 
  • Ruby was in line to inherit her grandfather's money. What did she do after discovering that she had a sibling who shares the same rights as her? 
  • What will Tiffa do now that her plan for Tiara has fallen apart? 

The audience too was left in suspense. Here are some of their reactions: 

Phoebe Amaya shared  

Those saying very poor ending jameni...Such stories mostly must leave mtazamaji na maswali mengi just as the way you are asking yourself many questions like...What will happen to Tiffah,Hatujui kama Alisa aliamka tena ama alizimia...Jaffar kwa jela what will happen to him...Etc.The aim of the story is always to leave us in SUSPENSE... Kovu has been one of my best.I enjoyed it with very many lessons to learn

Pauline Mwikali shared 

Nilikua natamani kuona ending sana lkn kusema ukweli nimeboeka yangu yote....such a good series ending vibaya 

Immaculate Japheth shared 

How is it wrap? That was so quick and it has ended in a bad suspense. Anyway it seems everyone had a scar there 

Cielo Cielo was in denial 

Haijaisha mfanye haraka tunataka season 5.

Leatex KE shared 

Very poor ending 

Hii imeisha vibaya sana 


1. Tiffa didn't pay for her sins 

2. Carlos didn't pay for his sins 

3. It remains in my head that jafar is in prison for the rest of his life ( especially after we saw Carlos giving corrupt money to the judge) 

Yani this program imeisha vibaya sana hata heri singefwatilia 

Regina Ndunge shared 

Wah,Sasa hizi ni gani??? yaani Jaffar ako jela,Matano hatujui alienda wapi,Tamara ako na mimba,ruby na yote amefanya na tiffa wako free,tiara hajapatana na wazazi wake,,,,marithia wako baharini,Carol ako huru.....hii kipindi haijaisha mmekatizia katikati.... 

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