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The big debate - Kovu

16 September 2021
Jaffer pulls out of the governorship race.
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The long-anticipated debate between Jaffar and Carlos went down, but not without drama. While the debate was going on and broadcast on national television, Lorna, Carlos’ sister appeared and labeled her brother a murderer.

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The audience was taken aback by the allegations because they never knew that Carlos had a family. Just when Jaffar thought that things were going in his favour, Carlos told the audience about his opponent's relationship with his other sister Linnet with whom he shares a child. Jaffer then decided to pull out of the race and stormed out of the press conference.

On the other side of town, Tiffa was upset with Derrick for defying her orders to get information from Roza. Tiffa has been searching for the title deed and plan for the Shaza plot which Carlos also wants. Derrick kidnapped Roza after he witnessed her receiving an envelope from Jaffer. Little did he know that the envelope contained Roza’s termination letter.

Meanwhile Ruby was still on the run from the police after her name appeared on her grandfather’s phone. The records showed that a huge amount of money was transferred to her and when the police and her father Jaffer found out, she tried to flee the country. Her plan to escape failed after her father instructed the local airport not to allow her to get on to the plane.

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Left with no choice, Ruby decided to hide in the village with her uncle Chaka. How long will she be able to hide? Who will be Carlos’ opponent now that Jaffer has bowed out of the race?

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