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Bella struggles to pick a side – Kina

27 March 2023
Should she stand with her father Serro, or her mother Nana?
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The last few weeks have been tough for Bella. It all began on Nana’s birthday. Serro and his thugs unexpectedly came and took everyone hostage as the entire family was celebrating the matriarch’s birthday. Serro stated unequivocally that he was out for vengeance against Nana.

After he backed everyone into a corner, he picked Bella out of the group and held a gun to her head. Fearing that Nana would lose her daughter, she disclosed to him that Bella was his real daughter.

As everyone was processing this information, the police arrived. They brought the situation under control and arrested Serro. That revelation tore Bella apart and left her with more questions than answers. In her quest to seek answers, she paid Serro a visit in prison to hear his version of the story. With time, the bond between father and daughter began to grow much to Nana’s disappointment.

Inspector Juma was then recruited to spy on them. During one of their meetings, Juma overheard Bella confessing to her father about Kwame’s accident. She had intended to kill Nana by tampering with her car breaks, but Kwame ended up driving the car and died instead.

Watch the moment here:

Nana was so enraged after hearing the statement that she wanted to kill her own daughter. However, after some self-reflection, she decided to forgive her instead. As a result, Bella drew close to her mother and her visits to her father in prison became less frequent.


Serro devised another method of severing the mother-daughter relationship. He managed to get Nana to confess about the people she has killed, recorded it and sent it to Bella. She was shell-shocked to learn that her own mother was responsible for the deaths of Redempta’s son Leo and Fred’s girlfriend Priya.

This revelation enraged Bella so much that she swore to expose her mother at Jabali’s wedding. Will Nana stop her before she does? What lengths will Nana go to protect her secret?


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