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Bella and Ezzy headed for splitsville – Kina

17 November 2022
She cheated on Ezzy with Bonnie.
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Ezekiel Banda has had a difficult week. He caught his wife Bella cheating with his cousin Bonnie, just a few weeks after their wedding Bella and Ezzy worked hard to be together, and no one could have imagined this happening.

How did the couple get to this point? Here are the events that led up to their divorce:

  1. Soon after they got married, Ezzy told Bella that he wants to be a father. He also told her that he wants them to move out of Misri (where they both grew up) and head to Kinoo so that they start their family. Bella decided to consult her mother about this matter. Nana, who grew up in the slums, didn’t want her daughter or grandchildren to grow up the same way she did. She advised her to reconsider, and instead move in with them at the Tandala mansion. Bella followed her mother’s advice and Ezzy begrudgingly agreed.

Lesson: Couples should decide whether they want a family before they get married. Secondly, when making a decision that will affect your family, while it may be noble to seek your parents’ opinion, the final decision should rest upon you as a couple.

  1. In an effort to make Ezzy fit into the grand lifestyle that the Tandalas are used to, Nana offered to give him a raise and a promotion. Ezzy declined the offer preferring to continue to work in his usual position. Bella didn’t take this kindly and although she respected her husband’s wishes, she tried to make sure that he fits into their status. She went and bought him new clothes and a new car, something that Ezzy was not ready for.

Lesson: Accept your partner as they are. Do not try to change all the aspects of the person you fell in love with. Work together as a couple to grow and improve your life for the better. 

  1. Bella started confiding in Bonnie, Ezzy’s cousin, but Bella had no idea that he had a crush on her. With time, Bella grew closer to Bonnie than to her husband, and the two crossed the line. Bella felt weird about cheating on her husband at first, but the more she did it, the less uncomfortable she felt. When Ezzy realised something was wrong with his wife, he confided in his cousin Bonnie without knowing that he was the cause of it all.

Lesson: Communication is the lifeblood of a marriage. Having uncomfortable discussions with your partner without being judgemental, is important.

Will Ezzy ever forgive Bella for what she did? Will Bonnie and Bella get married? Be sure to follow the drama on Kina every Monday to Friday at 8 pm on Maisha Magic Plus Channel 163 and GO tv Supa channel 4.