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Sponyo manenos – Kina Image : 1752
Emma is kicked out – Kina Image : 1743
Emma is kicked out – KinaA pregnant Emma shows up at the Tandalas but is quickly shown the door. Lefti represents himself in court but loses custody of his son while Caro gives Lefti some bad news.
The Tandalas held hostage – Kina Image : 1737
The Tandalas held hostage – KinaAn old enemy comes back guns blazing to haunt Nana and her family and almost kills Bella.
Drama at the funeral – Kina Image : 1735
Drama at the funeral – KinaThe Omugas and the Tandalas are at loggerheads about Ezzy's funeral arrangement, Lefti deals with his baby mama drama then later Esther pulls a big suprise at the funeral.
Most memorable Christmas moments – Kina Image : 1734
Most memorable Christmas moments – KinaThe Kina cast share their most memorable Christmas memories from their childhood and more! WATCH.
LOL moments of 2022 - Image : 1732
LOL moments of 2022Watch the moments that kept us entertained and on the edge of our seats this year.
Bella’s past haunts her – Kina Image : 1725
Bella’s past haunts her – KinaThe Tandalas prepare for the biggest wedding yet are unaware that a big crime is about to be revealed.
Dramatic moments of 2022 Image : 1731
Dramatic moments of 2022Watch the moments that kept us entertained and on the edge of our seats this year.
Ezzy knows Bella’s secret – Kina Image : 1723
Ezzy knows Bella’s secret – KinaCaro arrives at the Tandalas with the news that Bonnie wants to marry Bella. Later Ezzy overhears a conversation in which Bella confesses to having been responsible for Kwame’s death.
Zoea hii sura” – Kina Image : 1718
Zoea hii sura” – KinaLefti is relieved that Lloyd is ok while Nana is having a hard time believing that Bella has swiftly moved on with Bonnie.
Bella searches for a life line – Kina Image : 1704
Bella searches for a life line – KinaAfter the devastation that rocked Ezzy and the Tandalas, Bonnie has an even worse revelation. WATCH
Bella’s secret is out – Kina Image : 1700
Bella’s secret is out – KinaAlbo finds himself in a heap of trouble while the Tandalas and Ezzy are shocked to learn about Bella and Bonnie
Ezzy and Bella clash – Kina Image : 615
Ezzy and Bella clash – KinaAlbo gives the Tandalas a proposal, Ezzy wants a child but Bella is not ready, Bonnie makes a pass at Bella and Albo's house burns.
Ian's love affair – Kina Image : 605
Ian's love affair – KinaZuri learns the cold truth about Ian and Sheila while the Mwakazi's dirty laundry is aired in public.
Wanyonyi is dead – Kina Image : 598
Wanyonyi is dead – KinaChao loses her loved one in death and causes a stir at his funeral while Fred finds Cindy in the nick of time.
Cindy's kidnap plan – Kina Image : 592
Cindy's kidnap plan – KinaSomeone in Cindy's past comes to haunt her. She teams up with Becky to plan a false kidnapping so that her father can pay the ransom. Then in Misri, Wanyonyi reveals that he is dying.
Becky spills the beans – Kina Image : 589
Becky spills the beans – KinaJabali learns the cold heart truth about Emma moments before he pulled the trigger on Nana. WATCH
Chess and checkers – Kina Image : 581
Chess and checkers – KinaIt’s a game of chess between Jabali, Emma and Nana. Who will win? Then Hope retaliates leaving Chao and Lefti vulnerable.
'Huyu fiancé wako ni bibi ya mtu' – Kina Image : 577
'Huyu fiancé wako ni bibi ya mtu' – KinaHope's gamble pays off while Nana finds new evidence against Emma that could jeopardize her relationship with Jabali
Emma saves Redempta – Kina Image : 576
Emma saves Redempta – KinaHope gets a job at Kina Waters while Nana takes things a little too far to expose Emma.
Nimekuwa prisoner kwa hao yetu’ – Kina Image : 571
Nimekuwa prisoner kwa hao yetu’ – KinaLefti decides to move out, Chao checkmates Bonny while Jabali’s world is undone after the arrival of a mysterious woman.
Jabali proves his theory – Kina Image : 563
Jabali proves his theory – KinaThe truth is a hard pill to swallow for Nana after Jabali goes out of his way to prove that Bella killed Kwame. Then Lefti and his boys go on a deadly mission.
Bella's secret is out – Kina Image : 561
Bella's secret is out – KinaBella walks in on a horrifying scene, leaving Nana with a lot of explaining to do while Lefti decides to go on a potentially dangerous mission to rescue his family financially.
'Mary Mwakazi is dead' – Kina Image : 556
'Mary Mwakazi is dead' – KinaUncle Yosefu delivers some heartbreaking news to the Mwakazis, Nana wants Kwame's killer brought to book while Lefti snitches on Onyi and Smalls
Sponyo manenos – Kina