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When Nana is away Sharon will play — Kina

28 August 2020
Before Nana arrives at her destination, Sharon is already getting cozy with Fred.
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Professor Sharon Achieng made her debut on Kina last week. She was introduced to the Tandalas family by Nana who has left her in charge of her company whilst she is away in Geneva.

This drop-dead gorgeous lady explodes into the lives of the Tandalas and captures the eye of Fred, Nana’s husband and even their son Kwame. What they don’t know is that almost everything in Sharon’s life is manufactured – including the fact that she has a fiancé.

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Before the dust settles in the Tandala’s household, Sharon starts getting close to Fred. Zuri confronts her but she vehemently denies it.

One of her intentions is to swallow the Tandala’s household and have her way with Fred. So her first plan of action is to pretend that her fiancé has broken up with her. Devastated, Sharon seeks solace in the arms of gullible Fred. Meanwhile, the equally cunning Cindy notices the chemistry between them and puts her dad on the path of temptation when she orders for a couple’s massage.

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Cindy also ensures Fred and Sharon spend a lot of time together alone by planning night events for Zuri and Kwame. It’s only a matter of time before Fred gives in…or not. Will Nana return before Fred falls into Sharon’s (and Cindy’s) trap?

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