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Wedding bells for Bella — Kina

23 December 2020
Harusi tunayo au hatuna?

In the past week, Bella and Jabali’s relationship has been under threat. Bella recently moved back home to support her mother and Ezzy, her ex, found an opportunity to get closer to her. He himself had been having trouble at home and then began seeking solace in Bella. This closeness made Jabali very uncomfortable about his place in Bella's life, especially since he was the one who separated them in the first place. He knew he had to act and fast. So, he decided to propose to Bella, and she said yes.

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Without wasting time, he sent his uncle Fred to visit Bella’s mother to ask for her daughters’ hand in marriage. Unfortunately, Mary Mwakazi was not too thrilled with Bella’s choice of a man. Just like most protective mothers, she confronted Jabali to understand just what sort of person he is and whether he really loves her daughter. Fortunately, the meeting went well, they ironed out their differences, and the dowry negotiation date was set.

According to most African customs, in the absence of the father of the bride, dowry negotiations are chaired by a senior male family member of either the paternal or maternal family. Mrs. Mwakazi reached out to her one and only brother Uncle Yosefu who happens to be that one special uncle that every family has – a disrupter!

On the day he arrived, he stole his sister’s savings and hit the nearest pub, and got totally drunk. On the day set for dowry negotiations, Uncle Yosefu arrived in the morning, drunk and late for the meeting with the Tandalas much to the annoyance of Mary.

His action set the Mwakazis on a collision course with Nana, Jabali’s auntie, who didn’t have the patience for it. When all seemed to have been lost, Bella’s unexpected guardian angel, Lefti arrived to save the day. He reached out to the Tandalas on his family's behalf and they agreed to have another meeting with the Mwakazis.

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