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The wedding, baby mama drama and Auntie Fridah – Kina

19 May 2021
That’s what has been happening on Kina this week.
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Lefti has been waiting for the day he would finally make Caro his wife. He wanted to save enough to throw his fiancé a lavish wedding but could not so because his finances could not allow him to do so. Then one day he received an SMS showing that his account has been credited with a huge amount of money. Overexcited Lefti told Caro that they could go ahead with their wedding plans without questioning the source. Little did he know that its Nana who deposited that money to settle a score with the Mwakazis.

As Caro started to prepare for their big day not everyone was not happy for them. A heavily pregnant Angelina, Lefti’s baby mama found showed up just a few days before their wedding and claimed that the second baby she’s carrying is Lefti’s. She had used the same tactic before with her first child and forced the Mwakazis to take her in.

On the other side of town, Nana was busy preparing for her trial and she got information from inspector Derrick that could help with her case. But before she could celebrate, Aunty Fridah, Fred’s sister showed up and wreaked havoc. She called the press to the Tandalas house and told them that Nana is a murderer. She later spray-painted the gate with the words ‘Nana is a murderer,’ giving Nana further negative publicity. She decided to devise a way to send Auntie Fridah packing from her house, and it worked.

First, she got her drunk, then threatened to cut her up with a saw if she doesn’t confess to spray painting her gate. That was enough to send her sister-in-law packing but before Nana could celebrate, she was dealt another blow. The court-appointed her own daughter as a witness in her upcoming trial. What Nana doesn’t know is that Zuri doesn’t trust her, wishes for her downfall, and wants her to rot in jail.

Back in Misri, Angel succeeded in ruining Caro’s honeymoon plans leaving Lefti stuck in a crisis. Will he man up and stand up against his ex and save his marriage or will he allow her to continue manipulating him?

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