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Nana shoots herself – Kina

26 March 2021
…after she learns that she may have killed her own daughter.
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Just when the residents of Misri were recovering from the shocking news of Lwanga’s death, they received news about Nana’s shooting and the disappearance of Bella. What they don’t know though is that both incidents are linked!


Before Bella left the Tandalas, Nana had told her she had a daughter that she had abandoned many years ago. “The girl should be your age now,” she said to Bella as she tried to convince her not to turn her back on her and the family business. However, the events that followed thereafter led Bella to not only find out that Nana is her mother, but that she was behind her father’s death.

What helped her to piece that puzzle together was the mysterious pendant that her stepmother Mary Mwakazi gave to her. After learning from her husband Jabali that Nana was behind her father’s murder, she decided to break into her house with Ezzy’s help to search for any evidence connecting her to the crime. As she searched the drawers in Nana’s home office, she found the pendant her stepmother had given her. And at that moment she realised that she was indeed Nana’s daughter.

Bella then called Nana but could not reach her, so she left her a voice message. In the meantime, Jabali disclosed to Nana that he had told Bella the truth about their involvement in Bella’s father’s death. Nana organised for Bella to be kidnapped and thrown into a hole where she would be buried alive.

When she got home, Nana listened to a chilling voice message from Bella confirming that she was indeed her mother. Shocked that she may have killed her own daughter, Nana then took a gun and shot herself.

Does this mean it is the end for this mother and daughter? Be sure to follow the drama on Kina every Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on Maisha Magic Plus on DStv 163.