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Meet Naomi Mburuh – Kina

30 July 2021
She is an actor and a producer.

Naomi Mburuh takes on the feisty role of Cindy in the telenovela Kina. Currently, she is living out her dreams. She is the CEO of Kina, a position she coveted for years and has finally found love.

But just who is the person behind this character?

Mburuh is a 25-year-old actress who started acting at a tender age. She joined Art Skills Theatre (now Art Skills Films) immediately after high school and traveled around the country performing set books in different secondary schools. Later, this budding actress started training and directing drama and filming.

In early 2015 she joined the renowned local TV drama series Mother-in-Law. The producer of the show liked her talent and advised her to join the popular high school TV drama series, Tahidi High. She played the role of Zawadi, an annoying student who sought attention from everyone including teachers.

Mburuh has also featured in various shows such as the comedy series Varshita which airs on Maisha Magic East and Plus, Sumu La Penzi and Urembo, filmed by Spiel Works Media, Mama Digital a comedy produced by Ebru Africa, and the local TV drama Mchungaji where she played Lulu, a slow-witted girl.

Mburuh has also featured in films such as The Parable of Judas where she met iconic people in the film industry. “This was my first time doing a feature film and I took it as an opportunity to work and learn.”

She then started her producing career when she took up the role of a producer on an online show called Kalekye Mumo Live and Uncut. She also produced the short film Napunyi which premiered in 2020, the reality TV show The Next Super Star, and Sincerely Daisy.

Catch Mburuh as Cindy on Kina every Monday to Friday.