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‘It’s a conspiracy’— Kina

23 April 2021
That’s what Nana told Fred after she was arrested.

This week, the Tandalas were shocked when their matriarch, Nana was arrested by the police just a few days after her release from the hospital.

Fred, Nana’s husband, was particularly shocked after Inspector Chebet told him that his wife was not only responsible for Bella’s attempted murder, but also for Daudi Mwakazi’s death.

So how did Inspector Chebet come to this conclusion?

After Nana returned home from burying Bella alive, she found a voice note that Bella had left on her phone claiming she was her biological daughter. Overwhelmed with emotions, Nana pointed a gun to her throat and shot herself. Fred called the paramedics and took her to the hospital where she lay in a coma for several days. When she came out of her coma, she learned that Bella was still alive and knew she would come for her.

Nana then convinced her family and police that Bella had every motive to kill her. She even went as far as planting evidence at Ezzy’s house, where Bella was staying. And sure enough, when the police searched the house, they found a gun that Bella supposedly used to kill Nana. Bella was arrested,

Inspector Chebet took the bullet that was extracted from Nana’s head to get a ballistics report done. The results revealed that the bullet did not match the gun that was planted in Ezzy’s house, but it did match Nana’s! This led to her arrest while Bella was released from custody and all her charges were dropped.

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