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Has the big love died? – Kina

21 September 2021
Fred seems to have moved on, but Nana has not.
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Fred and Nana’s relationship hit rock bottom after Fred found out that his wife was involved in the murder of Daudi Mwakazi.

He kicked Nana out of the house together with Jabali and they have been struggling in the streets of Misri. Despite the harsh conditions, Nana found ways to survive until Redepmta, her former house help, welcomed her to stay at her place.

Nana found a way of adapting to her new way of life until she saw Kina Waters had acquired a new CEO, Priya Onyancha. She learned from her son Kwame that she and Fred were not only seeing each other but had moved in with him soon after the divorce decree was signed. Does that mean this is the end of Nana and Fred’s relationship? We asked Kina fans, and this is what they shared:


True love will never die,, hayo ni mapito tu, kwanza siku watoto waone mama yao vyenye anaonekanika watarudisha moyo moyo nyuma


Kwame will bring her mum back home


Kwame atamsaidia mama yake si mnajua mtoto wa kiume na mama❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Fred is too harsh to Nana…Angemwachia kampuni yake alafu wadivorce.They want to enjoy what they never worked hard for.Huyo Onyancha atakipata

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What's your take? #Kina

Has the big love between Nana and Fred died?

Definitely not! It's just a phase ..they will be back together. It will be over when Nana says its over48%
Hmmm I'm not sure...Fred has moved on already!38%

Judging from the comments, their relationship is going through a phase that will soon end. Will Nana fight back to win her husband’s heart again?

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