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Has Ezzy found love again?  ­­­– Kina

17 August 2021
He’s taken his relationship with Cindy to the next level.
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After Cindy took the CEO position, she decided to hire Ezzy as her personal assistant. His duties included, among other things, driving her to work, accompanying her to high-profile meetings, shopping, and even making her coffee.

However, this relationship changed after Ezzy saved her from a robbery that was about to happen in the office. Two thugs, pretending to be security guards stormed into her office and demanded the keys to the safe. As she tried to convince them that she doesn’t have them, one of the thugs threatened to strangle her. Ezzy happened to be walking on the corridors and heard the confrontation and he walked in and saved the day.

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His heroic act was celebrated by Cindy’s father, Fred. Cindy decided to buy him a grooming kit as a thank you gift – a gesture Ezzy misread that she is into him. When he met her the following day in the office, he gave her a hug and wanted to kiss her. She quickly pulled away and set the record straight that she would not want to have a relationship with an employee, least of all him.

Crushed and depressed, Ezzy left and didn’t report to work the following day. When Cindy didn’t get her usual morning treat – a cup of coffee and a red rose – she decided to make a bold move. She went to New Junta to look for Ezzy and apologised for her actions.

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This action drew Ezzy closer to her and it was enough to convince him that Cindy cares for him. Will they make their relationship public? What will happen if Cindy’s father finds out about them?

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