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Four Lockdown Snacks, For 4 Maisha Plus Shows

27 April 2020
There’s no reason for your mouth to get bored while you binge.
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Everybody loves good television. But if you’re like us, you LOVE good television, accompanied by a tasty snack in your mouth (whether that tasty snack in your mouth is healthy or not, is a story for another day).

It’s no secret that we’ve all been bingeing our favourite shows on Maisha Magic Plus; from reality and drama to telenovelas, since we’re all spending so much time at home courtesy of COVID-19 lockdown and curfews. But why not make TV time, memorable snacking time, in these uncertain times? 

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Here are five tasty and super easy lockdown snacks to prep (and eat – our favourite part), while watching your favourite shows on Maisha Magic Plus.

What: Sweet Honey popcorn

When: Kina time, weekdays at 8pm

1587995700 34 caramel corn3


We all know popcorn is the star of the movie theatres condiments stand. No one goes to the movies without grabbing a box or two of this filling snack. Why not make your own (but with a sweet twist), to help you gawk at all the drama on Kina better?


Melt some butter in a saucepan

Add honey and a little salt, then cook on low

Bring to the boil for about one minute, then remove from stovetop.

Pour honey mixture over the popcorn and toss so all of the popcorn is coated

Line a baking tray with baking paper, then bake ‘til golden (about 10 minutes)


What: Mixed Fruit Bowl

When: Selina time, weekdays at 8.30pm

1587996786 34 mixed fruit bowl


The only other jewel of creation that could possibly eclipse fruit in the looks department, are assorted flowers growing in a meadow. True story. But the best part of all of this for us, is the fact that fruit is for us to eat. *real tears* How blessed are we? Settle in for all the dramatics on Kovu with natures brand of drama; the unmistakeable balance of sweet and cool and crisp and creamy and nutty. Aah! The stuff of dreams. What we love about a good fruit bowl, is you can add whatever you like to it; yoghurt (plain or otherwise), as well as nuts and grains. Also, chances are, you already have these “ingredients” in your cupboard!


Wash all your fruits, chop them up, throw them into a bowl (or assemble as you wish), then dig in. It's as simple as that!


What: Cheese and Crackers

When: Our Perfect Wedding Kenya time, Saturday at 8pm

1587996178 34 crackers


Watching a wedding on Maisha Magic Plus? Why not go simplistic with a snack that features on many a cheese board or platter at weddings? Our favourite thing about this snack is crackers and cream doesn't need much prep work. As soon as you pop open a packet of crackers and a small tub of cream cheese (we love spring onion and chives flavour, by the way), you are good to go. You can also use brie, or any other cheese you fancy, really.

Bonus – Add your favourite jam to the mix or add another cracker, to make a cracker sandwich. Yum!


What: Spicy Avo

When: Date My Family Kenya time, Sundays at 8pm

1587996319 34 guac


Make your mouth happy and lower your cholesterol at the same time with one of our favourite indulgences; avocados. This snack is perfect on its own, perfect for use as a chip dip (crackers work too) or even with sliced roast potatoes. Just put it on everything!


Cut a big avo into 4 quarters, scoop out the insides, then and add salt and pepper to taste. For instant lift and instant kick, add chilli flakes and 2 drops of lemon. 

And there you have it. Your perfect Maisha Magic Plus lockdown viewing marathon snacks. You’re welcome!

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