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Dear Nana, while you were away… — Kina

23 July 2021
Fans react to Nana’s absence.
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Nana Tandala has become a character that many fans have grown to admire because of her bravado and how many times she has escaped the long arm of the law. She even managed to fool her own husband Fred, a deputy inspector of police who never suspected her criminal side until after her trial.

After she got a “not guilty” verdict in what was termed “the toughest trial of the decade”, Nana had every reason to celebrate her victory. She threw a huge party and invited her close friends to celebrate with her. On the same night, Fred found out his wife was behind Daudi Mwakazi’s death, the very crime the judge had acquitted her of! While the party was in full swing, Fred stormed in, stopped the party, and demanded to see her privately.

After confronting her with the findings, she still lied to him just like before. Fred immediately kicked her out and filed for divorce. The action shook the Tandala family especially Kwame, their last-born son who could not understand why his father had dealt so harshly with his mother. Despite her mistakes, the Tandalas' home was very different without her and the fans also felt it.

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Given a chance to write to her, what would they say? That’s the question we posed to Kina fans, and this is what they shared:

  • Risper Talam: While you were away, your employer Johnah Mwakazi (Leftie) is vying for an MCA seat
  • Raass Gido: Nana while you were away Fred failed to manage his only son He concentrated on escort allot 
  • Joe Ochar Okondo: Nana, while you were away, Fred got solace from an Escort Service. But alikuwa poa, she had a listening ear which Fred needed for ventilating and healing.Kwame also got into drugs and ended up getting kidnapped. Luckily Fred saved him from the kidnappers.
  • Dorcas Moraa: Fred got solace from an escort, kwame is suffering since your departure, Fred didn't tell the kids the reason as to why you left.
  • Hadija Adam: That house is messier in your absence. Fred wacha mama fix it a run the house. I know she's made a mistake, but her absence is more futile.
  • Carolyne Kuha: Redepmta came back to your house and your family loved it
  • Penny Penny: Dear Nana, While you were away, your husband went to rescue your son from the wrong building, imagine.. your whole deputy IG omuhusband..smh
  • Kenneth Muny Njeru: Fred ESCORTed you!

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