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Caro and Lefti go head-to-head – Kina

19 July 2021
The race for the MCA position is on.
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After the death of the former Member of County Assembly (MCA), Lefti’s friends Onyi and Smalls encouraged him to become the next Misri leader.  Caro, Lefti’s ex-wife was also encouraged by her friends to take the position and use it as a platform to uplift the women in the community. But as she soon learnt, it was not going to be a walk in the park.

With the help of his campaign assistants, Leftie decided to throw a debate challenge to Caro. She handled it so well that he had to go back to the drawing board. Onyi and Smalls decided to come up with a strategy to eliminate Lefti’s competition by tarnishing Caro’s name. They got two minors on camera having a drink and implicated Caro as the supplier of the alcohol since she owns a bar in Misri. After the video was shared on social media platforms, the community took to the streets to violently protest against the alleged selling of alcohol to minors. They even went as far as threatening to burn her business to the ground. Though they didn’t succeed, some community members vandalised her bar.

As Caro realised how vicious politics can get and that someone was playing dirty, she decided to withdraw from the elections altogether. However, her friend Trish brought her shocking information about what had actually happened. It turned out that a couple of schoolgirls were paid by none other than Onyi and Smalls to fabricate a story about Caro for Lefti’s gain.

How will Lefti react to the news? How will this information affect the elections? Be sure to follow the drama on Kina every Monday to Friday at 8pm on DStv 163 to find out.