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Haki Mwitu


Meet the characters – Haki Mwitu 

14 February 2024
Four misfits form an unlikely vigilante group. 
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What would you do if you lived in a world where justice is elusive and the corrupt appear to hold all power? That is how the characters in Haki Mwitu found themselves in the sprawling suburb of Omokaville. The characters then decide to use their abilities and methods to seek justice. However, they must constantly balance their desire for revenge with their commitment to justice. 

Here’s what each one of them can do: 

Moseph Alanu or Mo 

He serves as both the group's leader and fixer. He uses his connections and criminal knowledge to get things done. 

Amani Tele 

She is an attractive and deadly enforcer. She is a skilled fighter with a personal vendetta against the military and law enforcement. 

Teddy Katu 

He is a tech genius that has a grudge against big tech and corporations. He uses hacking and sabotage skills to express his dissatisfaction.   

Bi Dokta 

She is a charming herbalist who holds a medical degree. She believes in the supernatural and uses her persuasive abilities to win over clients and followers. 

These four vigilantes form Karma, an agency that operates as a tarot reading and sorcery den during the day and use their real skills and underground connections at night to execute justice. 

Which of these characters would you like to be? 

Haki Mwitu characters

Who's powers do you wish to posses?

Mo's - Clairvoyant/gang leader1%
Bi Dokta's - Doctor/Strategist/Traditional Diviner38%
Teddy's - Telekinetic/Hacker1%
Amani's - Fortune teller/Assasin61%

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