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Two gruesome murders on Kina

11 May 2022
Mr. Mwakazi and Leo face Nana’s wrath.
kina, jabali

This week, Leo was laid to rest at a somber burial ceremony. A few weeks earlier, the Mwakazi’s buried their father after he was found dead by the river. Both deaths were caused by Nana Tandala, the owner of Kina Waters.

What prompted her to kill them?  Here are the events that led to their deaths:

Daudi Mwakazi

One morning, Nana woke up to the company’s worst nightmare. The water had reached a saline level which meant that she would shut down the water factory indefinitely. One of her employees Daudi Mwakazi discovered a new fresh spring. They struck a deal with Nana which would see him owning shares in Kina Waters. However, Nana did not hold her end of the deal. After Mwakazi showed her the water source, she hit him on the head and drowned him till he died.



When Nana got home after killing Mwakazi, she noticed that one of her earrings was missing. She sent Jabali to look for it, but Leo got his hands on it first, giving him the upper hand – and with that, the game of chess began. Leo’s mother Redepmta works as a helper at the Tandala house. Leo promised to buy her a house, but she didn’t know the dangerous game Leo was about to start playing. He demanded a job at Kina Waters, plus money and managed to worm his way into Nana’s daughter Zuri’s heart. The thought of seeing Leo with her daughter made Nana more determined to eliminate him. She then sent Jabali to shoot him dead.


What will Redempta do after she finds out that the woman she works for murdered her son? Will Nana manage to keep her secret under wraps?

Be sure to follow the drama on Kina every weekday at 8:30 pm on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv CH 4 to find out.