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Most memorable moments from Selina

21 April 2022
The last episode of the show aired on 8 April at 8:30 pm.
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Selina first made its debut on Maisha Magic East in 2018 and grew to become a fan favourite and the longest-running series to be aired on the channel.

On Friday, April 8, 2022, the last episode of the show aired. Prior to the season finale, we asked long-time fans what they love most about the show and this is what they shared:

Lenah Isaac

For me I enjoyed it very much ,sifuatangi venye crowd inasema ,it was a good Swahili soap opera @team selina mlijaribu

Jay Kay

We shall miss this program.

Its the reason i used to pay for my gotv.

U knew how to capture our attention.

Iddah Christine

Has been a good ride, am sad it's ending but big-up to everyone who put this together giving a chance to many actors whom otherwise we might not have been able to experience....Awesome show Pascal, Celestine, Gloria, Hellen, Abel, Wycliffe, Christine....Shocks, Leshan, Maria, Zoe, Rossette, Biko, Maggie, Babu, Mesina, Pamella, Boy, wah! The list is long. All those actors who started off with Selina....Xavier and all of Nelson's girlfriends before. ?? Every time I scratched my head about any actor, I knew they were putting their best feet forward to elicit such hatred for their characters! ? Mapenzi tupu! May your skills be blessed always!

Na Mbozo

Am an ardent fan from Uganda. Selina made me enroll for Swahili lessons just to follow. Not sure how many people I gave influenced to watch Selina. Loved all the actors except Fake Nelson(Nathan), their mom and sister.

Before the story ends, I would like to know what happened to the other characters eg Patricia'mom (just loved her acting and accent)

Just a prediction that it will be Biko and Baby to help the Makenzies regain their empire and all will end well.

Thank You Maisha Magic plus Vivek and Crew.

Janette Adhiambo

Well done MME, this was a good show, I really enjoyed. Big up to all; Biko with all the connections, Selina a very straightforward person, Rebecca a true friend, Maria a dedicated h/keeper and all the rest the lawyers, cops, Drs. who passed by. ?


Nurcel Aluoch

Selina always rock it....I love it how it started some years back when selina was a mboch n the love BTW her n Nelson was so strong ??....ur ma favourite selina love u, atimes I thought u n Nelson were real couples ?.....much love


Immaculate Japheth

Along awaited day will soon come. This program has just been my best all time favourite. The love of Selina and Nelson has just been awesome. Mr fix it the handsome one. Rebecca na ujanja wake oh my God just amazing. I will really miss Selina as a all


Wanjiru Njoroge

Haiya, so Zoe has a short lived victory ?

Shout out to Biko Mr. Fix it, you truly loved Selina ?

Shout out Selina, you trusted your instincts ? and fixed the fixable

Shout out Rebecca, a true friend is rare to find and keep ?

The fans also shared the most emotional moments of the show. This is what some of them had to say

Mirie Ena

I remember the time when erico died ?it was emotional and Nathan hanged Patricia,Selina n Nelson akaambiwa achangue anataka nani hafe ?.. it was Soo sweet ?

Prissie Mukire

When Biko eloped with selina on her wedding day with Nelson

Sharon Vickie Toroitich

Nelson and Selina in the third photo.I cried with Nelson on that day.Nelson telling the mum ''Mum am crushed''

We wish the fantastic cast all the best in their acting careers.

If you missed any of these moments or watch all the episodes all over again, catch them all on Showmax.