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Date My Family Kenya


Date My Family is now showing on Maisha Magic East

16 November 2021
The show helps singletons find love by sending them on a date with their potential partner’s family.
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Would you trust your family to help you find love? Date My Family Kenya is a reality show that follows one person’s journey as they try to find their ultimate date. However, there is a catch. The suitor meets and shares a meal with the families of three potential dates and picks the date based on how the family described them.


Here are some date scenarios you can look out for:


  • Most Kenyan families consider deejaying as a job that does not pay well. As a DJ tries his luck on love and presents himself as a suitable suitor, will the families be convinced that he will be able to take care of their own?


  • A celebrity stylist’s heart is set on a Muslim girl. Will he fulfill the family’s request to convert to date their daughter?


  • One of the bachelors is looking for a loving and virtuous lady to recite poems to. The only problem is he is too argumentative, doesn’t listen and basically has an answer for everything. He rubs all the families the wrong way. Will he find the lady of his dreams?


  • How easy is it to get into a relationship after being in jail? How will the bachelor convince the families that he is a changed man?


  • Families seem to dislike slay queens and they make it very clear to a bachelorette who is looking for a guy to take on a date. How will she navigate the stereotypic families obsessed with her appearance?


Be sure to catch Date My Family Kenya every Sunday at 7:30 pm on DStv 158 and GOtv 4.