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The cattiest comments so far – DMF Kenya 

10 June 2020
Claws out! All the hilarious comments from DMF Kenya
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The friends, families and suitors on Date My Family Kenya are not afraid to tell it like it is. We’ve watched in amusement every Sunday at 8pm as jabs have been thrown and feelings have been hurt, all before the final date. Here are some catty lines that have made us cringe and some funny ones that have made us laugh out loud. 

“This chicken is dry. I need a moment” 

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Our jaws dropped a couple of weeks ago when Yivonia made sure to tell one of the families exactly how she felt about the dinner they had prepared for her. Without missing a beat, Yivonia paused conversation, clutched her throat, placed her plate of chicken on the table and told the shocked family how dry their chicken was. Ouch! 

“By the way you’re a slay queen and I hate that” 

After Yivonia’s complaints about the dry chicken, it was on! The family got ready to rumble in defense of their cooking skills. When Yivonia asked what the bachelor she was here for was like, one of his friends stated how much he didn’t like slay queens. “By the way, you’re a slay queen and I hate that.” This comment seemed to embarrass the bachelor who was watching from another room. Yivonia didn’t take it lying down either. 

How did it all end? With Yivonia telling the family "There’s a difference between you guys trying to kill me and serving me food. I almost died eating that chicken."

“Babe wake up, pack your bags, meet me at the airport” 

Diana was very open about how she wants to be treated. During her date with Nelson, she revealed how she wanted nothing less than the best for herself, including a man that would fly her across the country and across the globe spontaneously. Nelson was slightly taken aback by this revelation, but “high maintenance” Diana was not backing down. It’s no wonder then that the rest of this couple’s date crash-landed and burned spectacularly. 

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“I can only be wife material to someone who is worth that wife material from me”

Outspoken Yivonia makes our list again for expressing exactly how she views relationships and particularly the concept of “wife material”. 

“That is total verbal diarrhea! Tell that to your mother. I’m gone” 

Freddie is one character Silvia won’t forget any time soon. Apart from telling her she needs to ease up on the makeup, Freddie insisted cooking is mandatory and Silvia will only get to use a washing machine on special occasions when dating his friend. The exchange descended into chaos eventually and Silvia, who couldn’t stand it any longer, called it a day and walked out. You have to see the exchange to believe it! 

Domestic work?

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