Your guide for a perfect anniversary gift for the first 5 years – Our 5th Anniversary

13 January 2022
Love is special and each year you celebrate being in love should be even more special.

Maisha Magic East’s new show, Our 5th Anniversary premiered this Wednesday, the 12 January at 7:30pm. The show is spin off show of the popular Kenyan wedding show, Our Perfect Wedding. This show features couples who had tied the knot 5 years ago and goes behind the scenes to their present day-to-day life after the wedding.

Most couples tend to mark their anniversaries with a celebration of some sort or gifts. Throughout the years, there have been “traditional” anniversary gifts created by the American National Retail Jewellers Association in 1937. These gifts are meant to symbolise good luck and success in each year of marriage. Often the gifts tend to be modest, however tend to increase in value as the number of years increase.

Here is a list of wedding anniversary gifts for the first five years and how you can make a modern twist in each gift:

Year 1 – Paper

The paper in year one symbolises a blank slate which often refers to the new life you have started together. A modern twist to this could include things like, books, tickets to a concert or an activity.

Year 2 – Fibre

The fibre represents how two people have become intertwined into each other’s live. Great gifts could be anything that contains cotton such as a lovely dress, T-shirt, or sweater.

Year 3 – Leather

By the third year of marriage, it is often assumed that the couple has gone through challenges and has come out stronger and wiser, hence the leather. Great modern gift ideas for this phase include great leather boots or belts.

Year 4 – Flowers

The flowers in year four symbolise that the marriage is now blossoming and has ripened to maturity. Great ways to gift the flowers could be contacting your local florist and ask them to recreate the same bouquet from your wedding day, other gifts could include pot plants or your spouse’s favourite flowers.

Year 5 – Wood

Wood represents durability and strength; you are now officially halfway to a decade in your marriage. Great ways to modernise the gift could be getting a wooden clock, a wooden board game or just carving your names on your favourite tree.


We hope we have given you some amazing ideas on what types of gifts to give your partner this year. Don’t miss exciting new episodes of #Our5thAnniversary every Wednesday at 7:30pm only on DStv channel 158!