Wycliff and Kimberly | A splendorous couple

07 June 2018
Meet the couple who are not shy to express exactly how they feel about each other.
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When Kimberly first met Wycliff he thought he was this shy guy, who never spoke much and kept feelings to himself. The met back in 2014 at a company they were both working at. After a short while, Kimberly resigned to take up another job in another company. 

One day, Wycliff bumped into her and made sure he got her number so that they could stay in touch. Although Kimberly was already dating someone else, that fact did not dampen Wycliff's spirit. 

After dating for a while, they decided to take it to another level - marriage.

Before Kimberly could disclose to her mother about her new found love, her mother had sensed it. Just like any mother, she was curious to find out who he was and what he looked like. After getting the nod from the mother, Kimberly and Wycliff decided to plan for their big day. 

The dowry

Wycliff admitted that the dowry negotiations were very difficult - "ilikuwa kama vita". According to custom, a cow is brought to the brides home first as a token of appreciation. The brides family demanded 20 cows and Kshs 700,000 and that did not go well with Wycliff's family.

However, love, in the end, conquers all, and the family came to an understanding and plans for the wedding got underway.

The Outfits

The couple chose black, white and gold as their major colour scheme, with a dash of pink for flowers and brides nails since it's her favourite colour. 

For the bride, she chose a coset fitting bridal gown with white wedges while for the groom and his groomsmen, they wore black and white dinner suits with butterfly bowties. 

The bridesmaids wore pretty black tutu-skirts with a gold band, white tops and stilleto.

Here are frozen moments of their big day:


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